Matthew Weathers, MDIV, MAC

Strategic Idea-man and Super-Husband

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Chaplain US Army, Gallup Strengths Advisor, Level 1 Certified Crossfit Trainer

CH(CPT) Matthew Weathers is currently serving as the Combined Team Uruzgon US Chaplain in Tarin Kowt, Afghanistan. He deployed as the Forward Brigade Chaplain of 2nd Brigade Combat Team HQ, 3rd Infantry Division at Fort Stewart, GA. Immediately prior to this he served as the Battalion Chaplain for 1st Battalion 9th Field Artillery Regiment in 2BCT, 3ID. His first assignment was with 3rd Squadron 61st Cavalry Regiment of the 4th Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division at Fort Carson, CO. Jake Tapper’s upcoming book The Outpost: the Untold Story of American Valor, documents his squadron’s historical involvement in Operation Enduring Freedom X in the Kamdesh valley of Afghanistan.

He began his road into the chaplaincy while at Asbury Theological Seminary studying to complete a Master of Divinity and Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling. After completing a counseling internship at Building Intimate Marriages, Inc. and working as a Spiritual Formation Director for 12Stone Church in Lawrenceville, GA he finished the requirements for chaplaincy and was accepted on active duty status.

Since then, Corie and he have provided over 25 weekend marriage retreats for more than 800 military couples and 12 relationship retreats for over 300 single soldiers. Seeking to continue his education he completed certification in Cognitive Processing Therapy for PTSD from the Department of Defense Center for Deployment Psychology. Professionally, he has provided over 5000 hours of counseling, including traumatic stress debriefing, marriage and family therapy, suicide and crisis intervention, and pastoral/spiritual counseling.

Matt and Corie are trained through the United States Army Chaplain Center and School, Gallup and the American Bible Society as Faith Strengths Advisors using the Gallup Strengths Finder inventory. They use this tool to strengthen military families and teams by increasing resilience and synergy, having led certification workshops with over 25 chaplains, chaplain assistants and spouses on behalf of USACHCS. They recently completed coursework to lead 7 Habits of Highly Effective Military Families, taught by John and Jane Covey, and Couples Communication, taught by Interpersonal Communication Programs, Inc.

Matt is certified to administer and interpret the MBTI Step I & Step II and the FIRO-B for individuals and groups. Drawing on his experience working within churches, businesses and the military, Matt incorporates his personal and professional experiences when leading working groups of professional development using the MBTI tool. He has led over 75 senior leaders within the military in professional development using the MBTI to inform and improve working groups and leadership skills. Known for his passion and humorous teaching style, he delivers a clear and thought provoking style to his motivation towards soldiers and their families. Attending to his holistic view of healing and growth, he holds Certification as a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer.

As part of Insight, Matthew brings his talent and experience in strategic thinking, compassion, and vision casting to individuals and insight into how ministries and community organizations can serve the military culture.  He also is an honest engaging speaker on topics like leadership, marriage enrichment, and motivation for men in their home and career.