Welcome to the final week of ENLIVEN!!!  You've made it!  By now you have become aware of topics in your life that need more or less of your attention.  You have begun to have important discussions with your spouse and are learning to communicate with respect, openness, and thoughtfulness.  This week, we will look back on your hard work and feeling more balanced than ever.  Week 12 is not necessarily an end, it will be a self-evaluation of how you are doing on challenges you made weeks ago.

An azimuth check is a way to make sure that you are still journeying towards the objective you set out to meet.  Often used in navigation, it is a time to stop, assess where you are, remind yourself of where you are headed, and make efforts to stay on track.  We have enjoyed every moment of you journeying with us. Stay focused, work hard, and keep talking to your spouse!

This week's video is a little longer as we re-cap where we have been on this journey as well as some of the vision of where ENLIVEN is going to go.  We hope to provide you with a new phase of ENLIVEN soon that will address deeper topics.  But for now...  we want to say "Congratulations!"  We would love to hear from you.  Tell us what you learned, and what you would like us to address in the future!

After watching the video, simply click on the ENLIVENMarriage Icon for the Week 12 PDF attachment to begin the study for this week.  You can print out the documents or type and save on the PDF, but please keep track of your answers as other weeks may ask you to reflect back on specific answers.

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