We are almost done with ENLIVEN!  After an amazing week on synergy, this week is all about what sabotages amazing moments of connection and intimacy.  Like two magnets, we can feel pulled toward our spouse in moments of healing and intimacy, only to push them away.  What is this force that pulls us together when things are great and then repels them so quickly when we feel challenged?  This week we will take a look at some of the common reasons why we or our spouse pushes away and see if we can create more opportunities for closeness.  Is it fear?  Or is it possible that we just simply misunderstand each other?

After watching the video, simply click on the ENLIVENMarriage Icon for the Week 11 PDF attachment to begin the study for this week.  You can print out the documents or type and save on the PDF, but please keep track of your answers as other weeks may ask you to reflect back on specific answers.

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