Who wouldn't want their effort in marriage to multiply into an explosion of fruitful connection and intimacy?  This week we are talking about how to create synergy in your marriage.  Synergy is when two forces come together and create a more productive and powerful effect than they could have independently on their own.  Sounds great, huh?

In doing my research for this week, I found out that synergy is a word and concept developed by the Greeks.  No point in history, even our advances today, compare to the spiritual and technological advances of that time- and by a small population of about 4,000-6,000! All of it was possible because of synergy. I came across research that took a look at the Greek concept and was amazed at the values they held that translated to marriage in a beautiful way.

Get ready to put your big-kid-britches on, people, this is real character building stuff!

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