Since I have been carrying a cellphone I have never really felt "alone." You know that quiet place where no one and nothing can disturb you, and you feel as though you can think and relax? That place of solitude. I find that for some, if it all becomes too much, the lack of solitude causes them to retreat into seclusion. Isolating themselves for extended periods of time, not productively, just retreating from the world around them. Finding a balance of solitude in a world full of noise, distractions and interruptions can be difficult, yet it must be achieved.  Seclusion becomes an unhealthy behavior that pushes others away, not in search of peace and rest, but to withdraw completely because everything has become so overwhelming...because you didn't find solitude along the way to remain balanced. This week, let's ask some tough questions about the presence of seclusion in our lives, and how it impacts the healthiness and maturity of our marriages. Do we use it to wound our spouse? To avoid vulnerability? Because we don't feel worthy or capable of intimacy? Okay...3...2...1...GO!

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