shameAfter a week of learning how you can use your words to both win marriage and win your spouse, we are going to take a closer look at shame.  It is the most familiar emotion we feel and simultaneously destroying our courage and opportunities for joy.  It may not seem like an easy topic, but becoming aware of it's powerful grip on our lives may be exactly what we need to get us moving towards change.  We are too often paralyzed with thoughts like,

"I am not good enough"

"I just have to be perfect, then I will be happy."

"I don't deserve to be happy." and even

"I can't do it, because I am a failure at everything else."

None of this is true, dear friends... they are lies we have come to believe about ourselves over time.  They rob us of joy, take away our believe that we are created for love and connection, and isolate us from others who are struggling with the same thoughts!

This week, we are going to really get to know shame and how it is keeping you from enjoying your life.  Carl Jung called shame "the swampland of the soul" and in order for us to understand it, we must go in and take a tour.  Now worries though, we won't be camping out or settling in and I promise to not leave you there.  Full awareness of the shame messages in our life is crucial to our ability to experience connection with our spouse and joy in our everyday ordinary moments.

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