After a couple of weeks of being introspective, we shift our focus to thinking of our spouse.  Everyday, there is a battle waging war inside of each one of us- often with insecurity and fear winning.  We desperately need our spouse to fight the battle along side of us, for we were never meant to fight alone.  What does your spouse battle?  Words matter.  We are not an angry person, we struggle with anger.  We are not insecure, we struggle with insecurity.  We are not a poor communicator, we struggle to communicate our feelings.  Words matter, and how we deliver them matters.  Like an arrow delivered from the bow, we aim to speak the truth to our spouse.  Are we hitting the target, or are we being seen by our spouse as another enemy to fight.  Week six is all about learning to fight for your spouse, to speak truth into their darkest places.  If you had a quiver of arrows, designed to pierce your spouse with the truth of how you see them with all of their potential and purpose would they receive it as the help that they need to lead them and your marriage to victory? Words matter, communication matters.  Delivery matters, and it all falls on hope. What will you aim at together?

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