Welcome to Week 5: Uncomfortably Numb

It's funny how Corie and I picked out the topics we each would take the lead in addressing. It's also rather convicting for me, having read through the changes and additions that Corie made when I sent her the first transcript of the curriculum for this week! I believe that those who know us truest have the best opportunity to speak honestly to the hurts of our soul, but we must be vulnerable and allow for some discomfort in order to get to the "good stuff." This week is all about finding a means to not run or hide when we feel uncomfortable, but to recognize the patterns and habits that keep us from tackling the tough stuff with effective coping mechanisms. It is time to quit tapping out on the "escape" key of life, lean in and move forward. From one dyed-in-the-wool self-medicator to another, follow me!

After watching the video, simply click on the EnlivenMarriage Icon for the Week 5 PDF attachment to begin the study for this week.  You can print out the documents or type and save on the PDF, but please keep track of your answers as other weeks may ask you to reflect back on specific answers.

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