It is no surprise that processed foods and sugar have completely taken over our country and families.  Somehow, we have allowed it into our homes where it is destroying us and our marriage.  This week, we are taking a risk to confront a serious topic:  our relationship with food.  We could focus on a lot of other issues, and we will, but if we do not point out the "obese vs obsessed" elephant in the room we will do a huge disservice to all of you.

We regularly work with couples who come for help on relationship problems but lack energy for each other and hide resentment towards their spouse.  Some are afraid to bring up the subject, for fear of the unhealthy spouse drowning in self-pity and shame.  Others have resentment because nutrition and exercise are such an obsession that it has completely overtaken conversations, family time, and for those obsessed with insecurity taken away the intimacy.  We must all consistently take a look at balancing the relationship of food in our marriage.  We must have the courage to talk about it.  We must have the strength to admit when feel defeated and need help.  We all must come out from hiding behind the wall we put up to our spouse and put down the ammunition that is cocked and loaded for when they are honest with their desire for us and for our marriage.  So take courage, we are going to reveal the elephant.

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