Last week, we talked at length about commitment. We discussed what it means to LOCK THE DOOR to your marriage and really give it all of your effort and attention.  This is such a crucial step for any stage of marriage. This week, we are kicking things off with an opportunity for you to dream into the future.  Why would we ask you to do this?  Well, part of it is about goal making.  If you never think about where you want to be, chances are you will never arrive there!  In The Seven Habits for Highly Effective Families, by Steven Covey, they describe this as "Beginning with the End in Mind."  Did you know that a plane is off course 90% of the time?  Even the most skilled pilot using every instrument available and the support of a control tower will be lost without a flight plan.

For this reason, we are asking that you consider what you want your marriage to look like.  Instead of drowning in what is wrong with today, dream big about the possibilities for you and your spouse.  Week 3 will help you do that by guiding you through specific questions that help you define clearly who you want to be and how you can influence your marriage.

After watching the video, simply click on the EnlivenMarriage Icon for the Week 3 PDF attachment to begin the study for this week.  Please keep track of your answers as other weeks may ask you to reflect back on specific answers.

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