Welcome to Week 2!

This week is all about commitment.  Yep!  You heard me right, the day you said "I do" was only the beginning of committing to your spouse.  In fact, I contend that it was the easiest day of your life to commit to the marriage.  It's the day to day choices we make to our spouse that make the difference in developing a mediocre marriage or an outstanding marriage.

Commitment plays a huge part in the safety and security that is within your connection.  Although some of you would say, "Hey, I still have a ring on my finger, don't I?"  We would challenge that everyday is an opportunity to show your commitment and fight for your marriage.

Week 2 is called LOCK THE DOOR. We will discuss what it means to commit to fight for your dreams, your investment, and the sacredness of your marriage.  Much like your home, you must decide what is of value within that home.  If your home was burning, would you run out?  Or would you lock the door and say, "if this is going down, I am going down fighting to save it."  In this video, we explain what it means to LOCK THE DOOR and unpack the importance of commitment, not just to your marriage, but to the effort it takes to make it great.

**If you are unsure of whether or not your marriage is stable and/or safe enough to continue to commit to saving it, please see the note below.

After watching the video, simply click on the EnlivenMarriage Icon for the Week 2 PDF attachment to begin the study for this week.  You can print out the documents or type and save on the PDF, but please keep track of your answers as other weeks may ask you to reflect back on specific answers.

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***Of course, we need to address that if you think you may be in an emotionally, sexually, and/or physically abusive relationship, safety for you and your children is top priority.  If you are unsure, click here, for a free, confidential online questionnaire to determine the threat level.  See a mental health professional that can help you discern whether LOCK THE DOOR is right for you, to find more resources and/or develop a plan.