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Welcome to Week 1!

We are so excited you are joining us!  Make no mistake, we are on this journey with you.  In fact, we wrote it for ourselves for our second deployment.  We figured there was no use complaining about being separated, we would just use it as a challenge to stretch our marriage into a better place.  We recognize that some of you have just gotten married, some have been married longer than we have, and others are somewhere in the middle.  Every marriage is unique and filled with it's own challenges and issues, so we are pleased to say that this study is for everyone.  Every week, you will have an opportunity to go as deep as you feel comfortable with that week's topic utilizing three levels of introspection that will be explained in this week's material.

This week, is all about expectations.  We have expectations about everything.  You have an expectation right now about what this study is about, how much time it will ask of you, even expectations of yourself in how much effort you are willing to make. Expectations have a way of complicating so much of what we do, accomplish, and how we connect with others.  No connection is more important than your marriage, though, and they create daily obstacles to your communication, understanding of each other, and intimacy. Therefore, it is important for us to address what kind of expectations you have of your spouse during and over the course of ENLIVEN.

In this week's material, we will take a look at what you expect from this study and your marriage, why you have those expectations, as well as where they came from.  We will also outline how the study works and what we expect from you!  Of course, we won't give it all away and spoil the good stuff!

Be sure to look for how we give you options for how in-depth you would like to go as well as some FAQ's that may be on your mind.  Above all, Have FUN!!  Talk with your spouse about your answers and enjoy the discovery process in you and your spouse!

1. Watch the video below

2. Click on the EnlivenMarriage Icon for the Week 1 PDF below to begin the study for this week.  You can print out the documents or use it as a fillable PDF and save it, but please keep track of your answers as other weeks may ask you to reflect back on specific answers.

3. Click on the Green ENLIVENFaith icon to read the spiritual supplement to this week's lesson


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We want your feedback!! What do you wish we would or would have covered?