Why Did We Design ENLIVEN?

Our Mission Statement:

ENLIVEN serves as an opportunity to re-balance, refocus, and re-awaken your marriage by identifying imbalance, creating definitive and motivational goals, and discarding weapons of marital destruction (destructive behaviors and thought patterns) that have been causing damage to what was once confident and pure.

 Our Vision:

 We believe that individuals exist on Biological, Psychological, Sociological and Spiritual continuums. Inattentiveness and/or over-focus in any of these areas can lead to problems in the person and will influence relationship dynamics around them.  The union of marriage is two individuals coming together to form a marriage dynamic that also needs attention and balance within these realms.   At any point, a marriage can deteriorate when couples do not attend to and consistently evaluate the healthiness of these four areas..

Definitively, ENLIVEN implies life.  In order for life to thrive, it requires nourishment and patience.  Using the metaphor of a life-giving, life-producing tree, we focus on three levels of investment:  the branches, the trunk and the root system. In our own life, if we are not rooted in truth, we are rooted in lies- either of which will play itself out in the health of the rest of the tree.

To complete a well-balanced program of enriching your marriage, we created an optional supplement called ENLIVENFaith. Couples will have the opportunity to take the topic deeper by seeing it rooted in scripture and applied to their relationship with God.  We believe all truth originates from the Creator God and that life changes must begin there to be uprooted causing lasting hope.  For more on what Insightc2 believes, click here.