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en·liv·en:  (verb) To give life or spirit to; to revive or animate; To make more lively, cheerful or interesting

ENLIVEN is a 12 week marriage study that progressively deepens while it restores your relationship. It is designed for anyone, military or civilian, individuals or couples, and even great for small groups.

 Our biggest desire is to see you succeed individually, contribute to your family, and make it healthy and connected.  So we decided to write a complete marriage study, written specifically for you...

As we approached our 2nd deployment in the military, we revisited what worked for us the first time: being proactive with what life had handed us and set goals to be better (individually and together) when that season would be over.  As we mapped out what we would want to do for ourselves, we realized there were lots of others who wanted to do it along with us.  With that in mind, we have written this curriculum for ourselves, knowing that if we can grow closer being on separate sides of the world during a deployment, then any couple can.

 Definitively, ENLIVEN implies life.  In order for life to thrive, it requires nourishment and patience.  Using the metaphor of a life-giving, life-producing tree, we focus on three levels of investment:  the branches, the trunk and the root system. In our own life, if we are not rooted in truth, we are rooted in lies- either of which will play itself out in the health of the rest of the tree.

To complete a well-balanced program of enriching your marriage, we created an optional supplement called ENLIVENFaith. Couples will have the opportunity to take the topic deeper by seeing it rooted in scripture and applied to their relationship with God.  We believe all truth originates from the Creator God and that life changes must begin there to be uprooted causing lasting hope.  

We would love to have you try out ENLIVEN by starting Week 1 TODAY.