What do I need to do, to get started?

First of all, you will need internet to access the weekly assignments.  Each week will have a very short video (around 5 minutes or less) for you to watch and a fillable PDF you can download, save, and even email (if needed to your spouse).  You may even wish to keep a binder that you can print out your completed work as we will be periodically asking you to look back on answers from previous weeks for reflection, so having easy access to those will help.  

How does ENLIVEN work?

Once each week, come to this website and pull up that week’s study.  We encourage you to begin with Week 1: Introduction and go in order.  On that webpage, you will see a brief description of the topic and some type of multimedia available to help you grasp the concept.  Open up the fillable PDF (.pdf) for that week and complete the assignment according to the level you feel most comfortable with.  At the end of each study, there will be a reminder card with that week's challenge to cut out and hang on your mirror or fridge.   Study time may take between 15-30 minutes to complete.  Because this is a marriage study, we encourage you to talk over answers to study questions with your spouse.

Do I have to do it with my spouse?

No.  This is designed for individuals or couples.  There are times when one may feel more motivated than the other to revive the marriage.  We believe that by making healthy changes in yourself, you can influence your partner, and hopefully your marriage.

We are in the military, will we still get something out of this?

Absolutely!  ENLIVEN is perfect for military families in that you can participate even if your spouse is out of town or deployed.  Your spouse can access the material from anywhere. This marriage study is written for any couple, military or not.

What is a "blind spot" that is described in the PDF worksheet?

A Blind Spot is a subject about which you are unaware or prejudiced and fail to exercise good judgment.  Sometimes we are very aware of behaviors our spouse does that bothers us and are unable to see when we might be the problem.  "Blind Spot" in the study refers to ways we can take a look and see if the topic is an issue in our own life, we just aren't able to see it clearly.

Do I have to do ENLIVEN in order according to the week listed? 

The best answer is yes, we would prefer you to follow the weeks in order.  There is a method to the madness in the topics presented and their placement throughout the material.  However, all topics are useful and can be beneficial independently.  We would encourage you to resist the temptation to skip to your “Topic” of choice when your relationship will be better prepared to address it after completing those before it.

My spouse is away or travels a lot or We are in the military and my spouse is deployed, should try to do this now, or wait until he comes home?

The very inspiration of ENLIVEN came about as our own family was facing a second deployment.  With the inspiration of deepening our relationship during a difficult time, we wrote it specifically for our own marriage.  We felt that if we could do it on opposite sides of the world, then any marriage could.  Feel free to do it during the deployment or while your spouse is away.  If your spouse does not have good internet connection, print off weekly studies in advance and mail them over so you can still do it together over time.

How can I take this study deeper and connect it to my faith?

We believe that all TRUTH is rooted in scripture.  Our faith is just as important as other areas of our life (physical, social, and psychological) and must be balanced as well.  This is why we encourage you to see the ENLIVENFaith blog article that will be attached to each week's study.  We hope this opens up ENLIVEN to those who want to make healthy changes at the deepest level. Anticipate 10 minutes or more reading time when adding ENLIVENFaith

My spouse and I are in the middle of a divorce.  Would this be a good study to use to save our marriage?

Although we feel that the topics ENLIVEN covers are timeless, it is not a replacement for counseling, or the best resource for dealing with crisis in your marriage.  Feel free to use it personally to discover how you can grow and change as an individual, but make sure you are getting the help you ay need from a professional counselor and/or pastor to ensure you are doing everything you can.