enliven klids with woirds

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This is a place for kids to inspire each other.  

What if your children become more aware of virtue than video games?

This blog is dedicated to hearing from some of the awesome parents & kids out there that are making a difference in the world.

It doesn't have to be huge to change a kids perspective on the world, people, relationships, God, & making an impact.


Hi, this is Aidan and Jack, 

Life is not just about video games, I (Jack) think it's about helping someone, supporting the military, or saving wild life! all of them are great! Doing a good deed would be going out of your way for someone else. I (Aidan) am a Boy Scout, and our slogan is "Do A Good Turn Daily". It means to go out of your way for someone or something else.  We want to change the world too, and it all starts at home.